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After two years and almost 1,000 articles with DS, I have been kicked into the program. My scores for the past several months have ALL been in the green, but my overalls were 3.6 and 3.8 due to a lot of 3 scores when I first started in 2009. I can tell you that I got one silly rejection last month, that I should have appealed, and I just had a rewrite in which the editor was pretty rude and rated me a "3" for both scores (I know because it was my first approved article of the month. Despite that one bad score, by the time my other 4 articles were edited, I was well into the green, which means they had to be rated pretty high. They say that you have to have 3 different editors recommend you for placement, but I don't believe it. My scores have been stellar until this one edit last night and now all of the sudden I am in the program. I just don't see have they take people with 4+ scores and stick them in WDP. This is why DS gives me stress. Now those titles that I stayed up until 4AM to snag last night are gone and I have yet to hear of anyone graduate from this program.

Sorry, I REALLY needed to vent. I just had a bad experience at the DMV, had my PP card declined and then I come home to this. We have the baby due in 3 months and I was hoping to get a little savings going.

As for my plans, I guess it is Wikio mostly for now, with some TB and MC peppered in.
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