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Default Do the training, it really helps!

I'm posting where Happy/Healthy is on CL & my results are best in the small biz development area.

John...there is GREAT CL training on the Skinny Body Dream team site. Go to the archives & at the very bottom of the page you'll see a link for CL training. I watched that & it changed my inbox numbers over night! Literally 5 min. after posting my ads, I was getting requests for more info in my email inbox!

I WAS posting in health/beauty & getting a lot of hits to the ads, but nothing to my website.

I know you asked H.H, but I'll answer your question too: I've been in SBC for 2 full weeks...heading into my 3rd. I have 1 enrollee, 5 pre-enrollees & 1 preferred customer...soon to have 2 more I hope! In my 1st wk I wanted instant success & got a little down when it didn't happen, but just know it takes a lil time to find your rhythm. Once you find what works for you, you will sky rocket!

I've gotten all my "people" in just my 2nd full wk. I'd say that is pretty amazing results compared to other MLM companies!!
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