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Wink Looking for Hungry Leaders (MPB)

Hello Fellow Entrepreneurs (or those that want to be an Entrepreneur ),

I was going to take time to make this ad pretty and vibrant, but I don't have time. I've got too much to do running my business, but I still wanted to get the information out there for the right people.

If I can, let me paint a quick picture for you....

Imagine if you were the owner of the first McD's Franchise in your town? Imagine the profits you would have if that were your restaurant....just!!

Imagine that when you started the McD's, you didn't have to buy the land, build the building, go to McD's University, hire the staff, or buy the equipment, etc. Imagine what your profits would look like then.....WOW!!!

The company I market for, MPB Today, like McD's years ago, is at the cutting edge of a major trend that is sweeping the country....the home-delivery of groceries and ordering groceries online so that they're bagged and ready for pick up at a local distribution hub.

Let me ask you this, do you know who **** and Mac McDonald are? How about Ray Kroc? If you know anything about McD's, you know that Ray was behind it becoming the Industry Monster that it is. We are looking for "Ray Krocs".

Learn more about MPB Today at

If you want to be the "Ray Kroc" at the leading edge of a major trend, call me. I'd be honored to work with you towards that goal.

Cynthia Watkins
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