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I agree, it scares me to do contracting agent work too. You are responsible to pay the taxes, you don't have a company taking them off and doing all the 'government ' type stuff for you, I find it easier to work with the companies that hire you as an employee then you don't have to worry about taxes, business incorporation etc. etc.

I wanted to mention that anyone from Canada who is looking for something to do from home, Advanis is a great company to work for. I've been with them now for almost 4 months & they are helpful and friendly. They are a marketing research company. You don't need to pay for training, just need to have a computer, home phone, not voip, headset w/amp. and internet of course... they pay direct deposit every 2 wks. They pay whatever the 'homeworker' wage is in your province. The hours are 3pm-10pm MST. during the week and 10am-5pm MST on Saturdays.... so if anyone's looking that company isn't bad. Anyone has any other questions about the company & want to ask me feel free