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Default What Makes Lamb From Rastelli Direct So Special?

What Makes Lamb From Rastelli Direct So Special?

All Rastelli Lamb products available through Rastelli Direct are 100% All-Natural, Free
Range, and are never given hormones or antibiotics. The product is from Australia. Australia is widely known for its superior quality lamb products. It is minimally processed, and free of artificial ingredients.

The wide open pastures of Australia are the perfect environment for producing truly
superior lamb. Ideal growing conditions combined with scientific breeding produce tender,
delicately flavored lamb.

Because of these signature attributes, it is a product sought after by chefs all over the world.

In fact Restaurateurs and retailers throughout North America are switching to Australian
Lamb for its mild flavor, large muscle, steady pricing and year round supply.

Fresh Australian Free Range Lamb has been awarded the Gold Medal from Chefs in
America year after year.

USDA and AQIS Inspected
Distinguished Taste Mild Flavor Profile
High Yield
Extended Shelf Life
Best Flavor Profile for Dining Quality
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