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Well, It is no secret how I feel about AtHome America What I can tell you is that I have been with the company for over 5 years and LOVE it - I love how there is always something new and exciting going on for the reps, hostesses and customers - I love how every year they take the product line up a notch and just WOW us with the new catalog - we always have so many new products to share - our hostesses get sooooo much for having a party - just closed one yesterday - the total was $554 - my hostess got to pick out $260 worth of products for $29.99 -- she was THRILLED!

I cannot speak for the others that you mentioned because AHA is the first party plan I had every tries and just never

But go with what you feel passionate about and you will not go wrong! If you would like to chat more about AHA - I would love to help you!

Blessings ~ Lisa
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