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Originally Posted by Yuliya Mironova View Post
Indeed ... such things are always possible. I'm pleased to sponsor those people, when they come to me because they identify themselves as someone actively seeking a business opportunity. But I think you'll be the first to agree that they're a pretty small minority of "unemployed people", considered as a group, which was the group you specified in your original post?

And their incomes would be at the expense of people higher up the line who would otherwise be earning more. All companies have a fixed maximum commission that they can afford to pay out on sales of their products/services. You can re-arrange/re-divide it, sure. But you can't increase it. If wanting to re-arrange it, would you really necessarily want people who "don't know how to grow the business themselves" profiting from that? Just a question ...

Glitch City.


In a reputable, respectable MLM, it ought to be a matter of finding people interested in retailing the product at every stage. In MLM, nobody earns anything until a product is sold to a customer.

If you're including people who aren't actually doing anything at all in your downline (neither retailing products nor building the business), and they're getting payments each month, ask yourself where that money would have been going/staying instead, if you hadn't sponsored those people.
Yuliya, do you think it's wrong to want to spread money to people who need it, regardless of what they can do for you? Isn't it kind of sick that generally in MLM there's a handful of people who become millionaires and the majority of the rest get nothing?
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