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Okay, I think I understand what you guys are saying. Basically, in your view, unemployed people are generally bad business partners that you don't want in your downline because they won't help you grow the business.

But what I've been dreaming up is not needing them to grow the business. (By the way, I just want to note that with 10% unemployment rate right now, I really doubt they're all unemployed because they're unmotivated or bad business people. I actually know a few people who are super intelligent and hard working but got laid off because their company is suffering or who had their own small business and again just couldn't make it...not for lack of trying.)

Anyway, back to what I was trying to get at, if I were to manually send 2 to 3 people down under previous members, with 7 tiers of compensation, many, many people would be making far more than enough money to survive without having to know how to grow the business themselves.

Granted, the one glitch is that eventually there will be people at the very bottom that don't have a downline. But at that point it would just be a matter of finding enough people interested in the product that don't care about the business, right?
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