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Lightbulb Help Others, Earn, and Have Fun Doing It (J4AD)

After joining numerous business opportunities I have finally found one that truly excites and inspires me.

A few things about

* VERY inexpensive to join
* On-Line Webinars for in depth training
* E-books, Videos & Audios for continual training

It is only $1 to join, however, I have a different idea in mind that could be beneficial for anyone that chooses to join with me. I see this as an opportunity and I would like to help others see what I see, and maybe even benefit from my vision. The total cost for you will be $6. With this $6 you will help yourself and 3 other people.

Right now, I am starting off with 20 positions into this program for FREE.

****But....(there always seems to be a but)

I want HONEST & SERIOUS individuals that are willing to help themselves and others. You will need $6 in your AlertPay account to start. So here is what I propose:
- Sign up FREE under me (email me: [email protected] for my personal link)
*If you DO NOT SIGN UP UNDER ME, I WILL NOT be able to upgrade you for free
- I WILL sponsor you into this program
- You will sign up an additional 3 positions, under yourself, and upgrade them ($3)
*You will need to wait to be upgraded in order to use your personal link to sign up 3 more times)
- Find just 3 people that are willing to do the same, and pass it forward (by sponsoring them in for $1)
- Once I have 10 members that have joined through me, I will start a Thread in a Forum for all
of us to communicate.

That's it. Very simple. If this goes well, then I will be sponsoring an additional 20 people to help our team..which will result in spillover.

**VERY IMPORTANT: Please email me at [email protected], subject line: I'm In. This will tell me that you have read my proposal and agree to it's terms, you are ready to join for free and ready to upgrade yourself and pass it forward. If I do not get an email from you, I will NOT sponsor you in.

I truly want SERIOUS and HONEST people for this opportunity. I think it could be fun, and it could earn us some extra money if we all work together and stick to the plan. All for the cost of 1 McDonald's value meal (relatively..not going off the $1 menu). I could just sponsor people in for free, but if they won't help themselves or others, then I'll be doing it alone.

All suggestions and comments are welcome. Unfortunately I am without internet connect on the weekends, so please be patient if you send an email. I WILL RESPOND.

Sabrina / shibrilai

Please feel free to go to the site and read more detailed information.
Also, please click on "The Big Picture" and then click on "The Big Pay Plan" to see in-depth how the program could be beneficial.

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