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Depends what I'm looking for really and how fast I want it. Clothes can be too much of a pain unless you're sure of your size in the particular product. I've only bought clothes from Zappos just because of how easy and fast everything is if you have to make a return. I last bought a jacket from there but I knew my size and it was just too easy compared to going to a store.

Sometimes if I need something right when my soundcard died, I went to and bought a new one and picked it up at the store which was kind of dumb really because I still had to wait in a line and give some guy my credit card information and license. It wasn't any quicker than going to the shelf and picking it up myself and then to a register!

But I have to say, getting things in the mail is like opening a Christmas present even though you already know what's in the box. LOL Sometimes I find something I want in a store and then purchase online weeks or months later.

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