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I am the oddball when it comes to doing booths. I do not take any inventory with me or if I do, it is very little. I live in an area where Scentsy is not well known, so my focus is different. I put my focus on bookings and recruits. I take what comes in the kit, a few display warmers, Basket Party kits, Hostess Packets, Recruiting packets, as much literature as I can and tons of samples.

When I split booths with my team, I let them bring whatever inventory they have if they want to sell. But you have to remember that if you are focusing on recruits, you want to make it duplicatable. I myself would rather book parties because THEN that gives you the opportunity to sell to more, book more and recruit more. My thing right now is just getting my name out there. Yes people love to have something to take home with them right away, but when you have people walking up to your booth and asking you "what's this??" or "I've never heard of this company", there is your opportunity to explain what it is, that we do parties and such. And it also give you an opportunity to let them know that help is needed in spreading the word and love for Scentsy.

Now you can do or take however much inventory you are comfortable with. But me, I chose not to...
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