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Default We're up 500% over last year!

Skin care sales DEFINITELY increase in a bad economy for many reasons. Women spend less at the salon and more on home skin care, they need to look good for job interviews, they need to feel good about themselves in small ways (healthy skin is the first thing we see in ourselves and others), etc.

I knew our sales had been growing during the last year and my business has more than tripled, but I happen to have been on the phone with one of our corporate staff last week and asked if they knew how much our sales overall were up in the last 12 months. I was ASTOUNDED to hear that we've had a 500% increase in sales in the last year and that's been during the WORST part of our economy!

Plus, we've had more consultants than ever reach the 6-figure annual income mark with us during this time--some in as short as 4 months!--which is testimony that direct sales is the way to go when traditional jobs decline. Of course, who would want to return to a "traditional" job after being able to build a 6-figure residual income?!?

Direct sales skincare and cosmetics ROCK!
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