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Default Miscellaneous Health Products

I have some products from companies I no longer represent and I would love to offer them to you. =)

1. Healthy Coffee from EPIC I have several boxes and I will sell them for $12 a box (retail is $20 per box) or 5 for $50. Each box has 20 single packet servings.

2. Healthy Soy pillar candles from Candlewealth, My cost $25 each, selling for $17 each, or 5 for $75

3. A natural product that acts like roto-rooter for your heart from Nussentials. My cost $35 each, selling 2 for $60

4. A natural pain reliever from Nussentials ~ for joint pain, and sometimes even headaches. Works amazingly well. My cost $35, selling for $30 each or 3 for $80.

5. Weight loss/meal replacement powder with stabilized rice bran, whey and sucralose sweetener. Vanilla. From Nussentials. My cost $55, selling two for $95. This is a two month supply in 2 gallon size jars.

6. Energy drinks from Nussentials. Two doses in a 2 oz bottle. Sweetened with sucralose. My cost $3 each, selling 12 for $28.

Contact me at [email protected]
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