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Originally Posted by Shannon82 View Post
I've been trying to figure the answer out all day. My Silpada business is at a stand still. I've had 2 parties and can't get anymore bookings.
I have been in the exact same boat, Shannon. Not one party, not one bite for at least six weeks. So, with the new Jewelry and catalogs out, I'm having an Open House at a local popular salon next week and advertising everywhere. My fingers are tightly crossed that I'll get a booking.

Also, I put the 2008-9 catalogs all over town with a flyer explaining parties and free jewelry and such. Hospital waiting rooms, salons, dentist and doctor's offices, etc etc. Sure, there are pieces in there they won't be able to get, but there are many others they can. And if they call, I'll just explain excitedly that there's a new catalog out.

Summer is hard, but school is getting close and we CAN get that booking if we work on it.

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