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Have you ever wondered the secrets to how top recruiters seem to sponsor so many people into their company almost effortlessly?

Do you have trouble talking to prospects on the phone, or avoid making those phone calls all together?

When you do finally pick up the phonedo you find it hard to find the right things to say and answer objections like…

“How muchmoney are you making?”


“Is this a pyramid scam?”

Well if you have problems in any of these areas your problems are answered.

My mentor Mike Dillard, network marketing expert, recently sat down to interview one of the industries top recruiters, Mark Wieser, on how he is able to personally sponsor as many as 25 reps per month and over 254 reps in one single year.

This interview was video taped and Mike decided that instead of charging hundreds of dollars for this information that he would give it away for free.

If you would like to get your hands on this video and learn how you can become a “Black Belt Recruiter”, and over come your issues with talking to prospects on the phone.

Click here to get your hands on this free video…

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