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Oh my GOSH, Jen! You had me laughing SOOO hard! THAT'S how you scold?

I did find a tape measure but it's in CENTIMETERS!!!! Oh brother. Cms sound bigger, hehe!

I know I should stay away from the scale, but I only wanted to see it go down so I know,, that sounds lame.

Oh no, I don't double! It's bad enough I do karate too, but I honestly cut down the gym time. I was, however, inspired to train for a 5K. I am thinking about that one. Just to see how nuts I really can be.

But I will measure as soon as I find a tape measure in inches. I really thought the one in my sewing kit was the right one. And I agree, if I don't want to share my pics, I don't need to. Maybe I willif I get down to where I want to be, I'll have the courage to post the pics.
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