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UGH! You must, must, must take pictures!

Is that good? I'm not really good with scolding, believe it or not.

Really, you should take pics only for YOURself. No need to share them if you don't want, but it's fun to see the transformation not only in the mirror, but in pics, you know? It's a good motivator.

And I canNOT believe you did NOT measure! You MUST measure! Stay away from the scale, but keep the tape measure near by. (I went from being scale obsessed to being tape measure and caliper obsessed! )

Seriously, how will you know how much you've lost if you do not measure? I mean you can definitely tell something is happening because you're seeing muscle, and getting stronger, but if you do nothing else, please measure!

And yeah, you all are NUTSO. Doubling up? I can't imagine doing anything besides P90X at one time.With my history, I'd be so scared ofovertraining. Good for all youworkout addicts, though!
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