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Thank you, Jen!!!

Now, I REALLY need you to scold me, because after all they said in the book and on the website, I have not taken any pics OR measured myself.

I'm kind of a big chicken when it came to that - but I DID weigh myself. Yeah, probably the one thing I shouldn't have done! There is a guy named RedSwarm and he has a group on Beachbody, but he's the same way - says he won't put pictures up either! So I didn't feel quite like a chicken who was alone, haha!

So scold me, Jen, and I'll measure myself since it's only been aweek-ish, butI need someone to motivate me to get out the measuring tape. The people on those message boards are crazy (in a good way) because they all work out like me with either doubling up on the workouts or adding the gym or training for 5k's and such.

Ok, scold away, please!
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