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Hi Vicki,
Boy, do I know that one! One way I have been able to get over it gradually (although this might not work for you) was to not consider WW as a huge, lifelong, overwhelming thing. I would, say, get through breakfast, just breakfast - keeping only that meal in mind. I would say to myself"This is what I'm eating and if I can get through the next 30 min. I will be fine." And if I was tempted to eat something more, I would say, "Wait 20 minutes. Just 20 minutes." And on and on and on. If I mess up, I start right back up again and not say, "Well, I messed up this day, it's ruined anyway" and continue to eat what I want. If I mess up I would do something to help counteract it, like walk around the block, which helps me to re-focus, even ifit's only for a few minutes. Breaking up the day into small manageable increments of time is how I get through those mental blocks.Looking at it like, "Oh damn, I have the WHOLE entire day to get through", can be overwhelming. So making it more manageable might do it. Maybe it will work for you.

Iwishyou so much luck!!!
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