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I am in the early phase of an Isagenix cleanse. (Check my blog). I have done lots of others over the years, including water fasting. Isagenix makes the most sense to me on so many levels, but you can't buy it at GNC. Best delivery would be end of the week if you chose delivery byFredEx.

I like it because its not just a pill to take. It addresses all of your intake during the cleanse period, and during the "rest periods" between cleanses. It provides products that do not have "toxic issues" so that you really give you body a chance to rest and recharge while you cleanse. It is "gently intense" but not hard (at least for me). It is nutritionally supported. It is not a colon cleanse, which is fine but only part of the puzzle. If you buy it, the person you buy it through is your "coach" and makes sure you have the right information available as well as someone to call with questions. Thisis a bigger issue than you might suspect if you have never done it before. Any real cleanse will have some side effects, and it is helpful to have someone tell you the difference betweem healthy and unhealthy side-effects.

I have always liked water fasting. I think I like this more.

[stopping now before I get carried away].
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