Nancy Burgess

Nancy Burgess, RN, is a graduate of Laboure College in Boston, MA, where she earned an Associate of Science degree in Nursing. She is a registered nurse (RN) with experience with direct patient care and nursing management and has worked in an acute care hospital setting and in an independent school environment.

Initially working as a staff nurse on a medical, cardiac telemetry unit, Nancy was promoted to the department manager position, where she worked for many years. When a new opportunity arose to transfer to an outpatient, ambulatory unit, she welcomed the change and new challenges. Working as the nurse manager of the Ambulatory Care Unit (ACU), Nancy and her staff processed all pre-operative surgical cases as well as those patients having invasive medical procedures like endoscopies, blood transfusions, chemotherapy, and more. Most recently, working as a school nurse in an independent middle and high school has been a rewarding and enlightening experience.

After leaving full-time nursing employment to raise her family, Nancy has since been authoring articles online, mostly medical topics with an occasional diversion to cooking and back-to-school websites.

When not working in the medical community or authoring articles, Nancy continues to be a caregiver for two college-age children, a husband, and aging parents. 

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