Hillary Grigonis

Hillary Grigonis is a freelance writer, editor and photographer. Shortly after her son was born, she quit her job of seven years to work from home running her business, Pixel Press & Photo. Hillary specializes in web content and media relations, as well as photography-related topics, and is the author of the preteen novel Kaleidoscope Me. Her work is frequently featured on DigitalCamera-HQ.com, Bestcovery.com, WAHM.com and more.

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What is a Google Rater? Here's How To Work From Home Evaluating Web Search Results

A lot of what shows up when you type a phrase into the search box is based on complex algorithms. But the human element isn't left out entirely. Is it really possible to work from home for Google without any programming experience?

What Is Elance?

Looking for freelance work? It may be time to try out the eBay of the freelance world: Elance.

What Keeps You Motivated? 7 Ways to Persevere After Failure

Failure is built into the process of starting a business--but how do you find the emotional energy to keep going after one--or five--such failures?

Why (and How) I'm Simplifying Christmas

Can you have a simple Christmas while still creating magical memories for your family?

Why Working at Home Isn't for Me

I hate being stuck at home all day. I miss my steady paycheck. I wish I had an adult to talk to during the day. So why am I still working at home?

Wildtree: Earn Money Hosting Cooking Events and Selling Organic Products

Wildtree products are designed for moms that don't have a lot of time to make dinner--but still want to serve healthy, wholesome meals. Selling Wildtree is also a good opportunity for moms that want to work from home.

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