Alicia Purdy

Alicia Purdy is a freelance writer with a Master's degree in Journalism and a writing background that runs the gamut from politics and business to faith and family. She is an avid reader, loves to run, cook and work on (but not necessarily finish) fiction novels. She has been working from home for 10 years while juggling 4 kids, 1 husband and untold number of pets. 

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3 Essential Resources for Single Moms Who Work

Single, working moms have a lot to worry about. Fortunately, there are resources to help ease some of the pressure.

Conflict Resolution Tips for Single Parents

Conflict resolution is not always the easier path, but it's the better one for you and your kids.

Dealing with the Unexpected when Working From Home

What do you do when life hands you lemons?

Does Working at Home Mean You're More Productive Than Office Workers?

Distractions are everywhere, but some think WAHMs are a step ahead of the average American worker.

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Raising kids by yourself and working a job is a juggling act, so what should you do when you can't help but feel overwhelmed?

Dropping Your Child Off with Your Ex for the Weekend

How can you make the process run smoothly for your kids?

Handling Discipline When Your Ex Does Things Differently

Now that you and your ex aren't living together, the way you want things done at your house may be very different than the way your ex does things. What should you do when a discipline situation arises?

Health Insurance for the Self-Employed

The Affordable Healthcare Act affects workers of all statuses -- employed and self-employed. What are your options?

How to Avoid Paying a Big Annual Tax Bill

As a WAHM, paying your taxes is as much a requirement as if you worked a job outside the home.

How to Avoid Taking Work Home with You (When You Work at Home)

When you attempt to balance work and home responsibilities, where do you draw the line?

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