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You Know You're a Working Mom When...

Most working moms struggle with some kind of guilt. But every working mom, no matter what your definition of working mom is, works hard to provide for their families and kids. Here's a list of things that many working moms have in common in their daily routines.
A working mom holding a briefcase and a bottle.

Whether you work full-time, part-time, at home or in an office, being a working mom is hard. Real working moms were asked to complete this sentence: “You know you’re a working mom when…” Here’s what they came up with.

  1. You always feel like an average mom, an average employee, an average friend and an average spouse. You want to give 100 percent to everything in your life, but it never happens because you’re pulled too thin.
  2. The only meal you have together as a family is dinner.
  3. You have to choose which school activities (parties/field trips/etc.) are most important to you or your child to take a day off work for.
  4. You send your kid to school or daycare with symptoms of a cold because you have to be at work, but then feel guilty all day until you can leave.
  5. Your purse is stocked like a diaper bag and you're the go-to person for first aid, a wipe, snack, etc.
  6. You get everyone home after a long day of work and daycare and instead of being able to play with your kids you have to make dinner, do dishes, give baths and get everyone to bed to do it all over again tomorrow.
  7. Your “me” time is spent doing laundry, dishes, or grocery shopping.
  8. You spend your lunch hours running to the grocery store, bank, and dry cleaners so you can get it done quickly, without any kids in tow and because you never have time outside of work to do it.
  9. You spend your weekends cleaning the house and doing the laundry, because they're the only “free days” you have to get it done.
  10. You find bubble gum toothpaste on your pants after you get to a client’s office.
  11. You get home from a day at the office, feed the kids, review an abundant amount of homework and school papers and get the kids bathed and in bed before taking off your cape.
  12. You triage housework like an episode of M*A*S*H*. Life threatening? Do it. It can wait? Leave it.
  13. You find yourself humming the theme song for “Dora the Explorer” at your desk.
  14. All you have for breakfast is coffee in the car even though your kids had a full breakfast.
  15. You have very few casual clothes because most of your wardrobe consists of "work clothes."
  16. You make work calls in the bathroom, basement or garage--wherever you can find a few minutes of silence.
  17. You ask your coworkers if anyone has to go to the bathroom before you go out to lunch.
  18. You go to bed when the kids go to bed because you have to get up at the crack of dawn to drop the kids off at school and then get yourself to work early to finish deadlines.
  19. Sunday night rolls around and you wonder how the entire weekend with your kids came and went so fast.
  20. You go to work wearing stickers on your clothes or spit-up on your shoulder.
  21. You let your kids play hours on their electronics so you can have silence to get some work done in your home office.
  22. You know you should let your son put on his own shoes, zip his own coat and buckle his own seat belt, but you are already 10 minutes late so you do it all for him while he cries and screams because he wants to do it.
  23. Your kids are in very few activities because everything starts on a weeknight earlier than you can get off work to get them there.
  24. You feel guilty when you’re not at home.
  25. You feel guilty when you’re not at work.
  26. You open a work folder and are excited to finally find the missing piece to the puppy puzzle.
  27. You realize you dropped your kids off 30 minutes ago and you’re still listening to the Kidz Bop CD in the car.

Remember, you’re not alone in your everyday struggles. There are tons of working moms out there and everyone is doing a great job! Know that someday you and your kids will look back and be proud of everything you accomplished.

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