Yoli: A WAHM's Guide

Yoli offers a unique opportunity for those interested in the health drink business.

The Yoli company is located just outside of Salt Lake City and uses advanced technology to create unique health products and programs. Its main product is TRUTH, a health beverage made with modern super fruits and antioxidants in a fresh and potent formation. The beverage includes enzymes, probiotics and 200% of the RDA daily requirement of vitamin C. The drink eliminates addictive sugars, chemicals, preservatives or artificial substances, which makes it distinctive in the health and fitness drink market.


The Yoli training for new members entails basic MLM techniques, such as selling to friends, family and business associates. You will learn about cold call leads and how to hold house meetings introducing the product. Passing out fliers and business cards to prospective strangers is another tactic. You will also learn about enrolling distributors as potential

business associates.


Yoli uses its Pay Plan that optimizes the strengths of other industry plans offering a unique and fair opportunity that has lucrative potential. The plans provide a scope that is targeted toward distributor's financial welfare with incentives that can pay off well, after investing time to grow the business.

The Binary and Unilevel plan is a hybrid that includes the Fast Start Bonus Plan, Binary Term Commission, Break Even Bonus, Unilevel Executive Matching Bonus, Annual Cruise Bonus & Travel incentives and the Global Bonus Pools. Each program has a unique feature and is designed to supplement income with minimal complication. The "break even" plan allows you to retain money each month until the auto ship requirements are met. This solidifies the

program as unique.


The best way to get ahead in the health drink business is to have a thorough knowledge of the products you are selling and to be passionate about them. Know who your clients are and where the potential customers are located. For example, frequent gym and fitness centers to get a feel for what the clientele likes to drink. Figure out ways to present your product, perhaps by offering free samples. Network with stores like Whole Foods, Trader Joe's and independent health food stores to see about partnering to benefit each of you. Attend health fairs in your region. Network with fitness trainers and alternative health professionals since these are usually the people who are passionate about health and fitness. It is those individuals who will be interested in what Yoli has to offer, both as a product and a business opportunity.

Is It for You?

Those people who are passionate about health and working out will be the best people to get involved in this business. For the most part, customers rely heavily upon the sales person presenting the product to convince them that it is a good and useful product. Therefore, it is best that you become an advocate who can demonstrate how well the product has worked for you.


Founders Bobby Jones, Corey Citron, Robby Fender, Rick Eisele, Michael Prichard and Daren Falter have formed some of the most successful network marketing organizations in the past and are leaders in the network marketing industry.

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