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Yoga for Stress Management: 9 Benefits


Yoga for stress management is great for work at home moms because it helps with work life balance.  Research has shown that you can achieve a lot of positive benefits whenever you practice yoga on a regular basis.  Some of the benefits you will gain through yoga include:

Benefit #1: Unification of Body, Mind, and Spirit

Your body, spirit, and mind will be united through a combination of strengthening exercises, deep breathing, and relaxation techniques.  This is why yoga has been recommended for people who are suffering from a wide variety of health conditions, as it is believed that many of these conditions are either caused or exacerbated by stress.

Benefit #2: Better Sleep

As with any form of exercise, you will be able to sleep better by practicing yoga. This will allow you to wake up with both your body and your mind feeling more refreshed.

Benefit #3: Healing Powers

Decreasing your stress levels, increasing positive blood flow, providing better support for your immune system, you are enabling your body to be better equipped to heal itself. Your body and mind will be able to focus on the regular maintenance that is necessary for good overall health.

Benefit #4: Weight Loss

Since most people who work at home spend a lot of time sitting in front of their computer each day, yoga is a great, fun way to burn calories and lose weight.  You will also be able to develop and tone the muscles throughout your entire body.

Benefit #5: More Energy

Practice correct breathing throughout your practice.  Take slow, deliberate breaths- deep breathe in, and a large breathe out. This will not only help your lungs, but also remove lingering carbondioxide which doesn't help your body function as effectively. More oxygen in your blood flow will give you more energy. These breathing techniques will also have a calming effect on your mind so that you can walk away feeling relaxed, at ease, and with more clarity.

Benefit #6: Better Concentration

Yoga's postures are relaxing for both your body and your mind.  Less stress and enhance blood flow (especially to your brain) will help with concentration, focus and clarity.

Benefit #7: Resilience

In conjunction with healing powers and more energy, the consistant practice yoga helps build strength and resilience. This will help better equipt your body in times of crisis or extreme stress.

Benefit #8: Empowerment

Yoga gives you the feeling of empowerment because it allows you to decipher the real from the imaginary. Stress is sometimes caused by incorrect perceived scenarios and circumstances. A break will allow you to remove yourself from the situation and transition from the panic of "what may be," to simply dealing with "what is."

Benefit #9: The Relaxation Response

The meditation that is involved with yoga creates the Alpha waves, that in turn leads to the "relaxation response."  Whenever this physiological response occurs, you will breathe slower, your heart rate will be lowered, and your blood pressure will normalize. 

It is important to understand that while yoga for stress management is very beneficial, you will still experience a low level of stress whenever you work at home.  This is simply unavoidable.  However, once you have practiced yoga for awhile, you will be better equipped for work life balance.

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