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Work-Life Balance: Choosing Hobbies


For work-at-home moms whose work and family lives are often intermingled, it is important to have a proper work life balance. Balancing work and life means making time for work, making time for family, and making time for yourself. Hobbies, whether enjoyed alone or with your family, are great ways to express your personal interests. When choosing hobbies, there are a few things that you should consider to ensure that you have a proper work-life balance. 

Find Time for a Hobby

Work-at-home employees are caregivers, income earners, nurturers, and providers, all for the betterment of their families. It is important to find time for hobbies that allow you to express yourself, but finding the time can be an issue. Hobbies should never detract from time spent working or from time spent with family. Taking time away from work means a drop in income, and taking time away from family can create tension in relationships.

Write down your daily routine, including time spent working, time spent with family and even idle time. The goal is to closely examine your schedule to find 15 minutes here or 20 minutes there that you can devote to your hobby. By the end of the week, you should be able to find a couple of hours that you can spend doing something just for you. Something as simple as working more efficiently, and making the most of your time will lead to more spare time to devote to your hobby.

Try a New Hobby

Usually, you have a few hobbies or interests that remain with you throughout your life. You may have picked up drawing, leisure reading, or stamp collecting as a child and still enjoy it today; why not vary your interests with a new hobby? Try a sport like swimming or tennis to not only have fun, but also to get fit. You could also pick up a second language or even become car savy. Whatever hobby you select, be brave and challenge yourself.

Hobbies to Enjoy with Your Family

There are many hobbies to choose from that allow you to spend time with your family and participate in a fun activity. If your family likes adventure and exploration, try hiking or camping. You could also establish your own family movie club and watch a movie together once a week. Make popcorn, put on your pj's, and then talk about the movie afterward. You could even establish your own family blog where you write reviews of the movies that you watch.

Another popular hobby to enjoy with your children is making a scrapbook. Print family photos and then decorate scrapbook pages together. Incorporating family time and hobby time is a perfect way to create work-life balance. 

Popular Hobbies for Moms

Some of the most popular hobbies for moms include arts and crafts like painting, quilting, needlepoint, sewing, photography and creating mosaics.  You can also turn your hobbies into moneymaking opportunities by selling your crafts online or at local flea markets. Other popular hobbies include establishing a book club or workout group with friends, gardening and refurbishing furniture.

Balancing work and life is essential for any work-at-home mom. Making time for work and family is necessary, but it is also important to find time to express yourself. Exploring new and popular hobbies on your own, or with your family, will make you feel fulfilled, and provide work-life balance.  

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