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Work at Home Mom Jobs: Website Designer


If you're a mom looking for work at home jobs, and if you have a talent for art and design, you might consider becoming a website designer. Freelance web design jobs are perfect for stay at home moms, since it can be done completely from home (thanks to the Internet). These tips may help you decide whether or not web design is right for you, as well as how to get started as a freelance designer.

Skills and Tools to Have

Many people mistakenly think that you have to know how to code in order to become a website designer. There's no doubt that a knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript or any of the other programming languages is a great asset, but you don't actually need such knowledge to get jobs as a web designer. All you really need to get started is artistic talent, a good eye for design and a copy of Photoshop. The version of Photoshop you use depends on your personal preference; you don't need to have the most recent version in order to be competitive in your market.

The reason why coding knowledge isn't needed is that, in many cases, web designers are not the same thing as website coders. You, the designer, may only be required to provide a layered .PSD file (the format that Photoshop saves in, by default) and someone else will be assigned to code it. If you do happen to have coding knowledge, that just makes you all the more valuable as a designer.

Making Good Designs

A good website has three basic qualities:

  1. it is clean and simple
  2. easily and instinctively navigated
  3. represents its business in a way which is engaging

These three aspects, the first two, especially, are important to remember when designing websites. The point isn't to show off your skill at throwing together very complicated code, the point is to create a website which is useful and easily used by visitors. A great example of this is Google, one of if not the single most popular website in existence. They spice things up for holidays with fun artwork of the word 'Google,' but otherwise, the website is about as basic as it gets - and it's all the more popular for it.

Of course, the most important thing is that your client is happy. If your client wants a website with hot pink text and animated images of dancing aliens, by all means give it to them. Whoever hires you for a design is the person you should be working to please.

Finding Jobs

You can find jobs online from a variety of different websites, such as the following:

  • - The 'gigs' section of this ever-popular website is a good place to begin looking for work. The pay may frequently be poor, however.
  • - This website is a resource for freelancers from all lines of work who want to find jobs.
  • - On Etsy, you're allowed to buy and sell anything which is handmade. Web design work qualifies as handmade, so you can get some exposure by listing your services here.
  • - 99Designs is actually a contest site, so there's no guarantee that you will be paid. However, new contests are posted daily and the site can be a great place to find inspiration from other talented web designers as well as occasionally earn some cash prizes of your own.

Building a Portfolio

As you find work, you should always keep copies of every website you design. Put these in an online portfolio for easy viewing by anyone who might want to utilize your services. If you can't seem to find any work to start your portfolio off, you can build a website of your own (which you should do anyway, at some point). This is a great starting point for a portfolio, as well as a way to appear more professional and collect more clients.

Web design can be a lucrative job for any work at home mom with a copy of Photoshop and a good sense of style.

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