WordGig: A WAHM's Guide

WordGig offers freelance writers the chance to write diverse content within an easy to understand payment structure.

WordGig is an online business that is constantly seeking any artistic WAHM who can create 100 percent unique content articles for a vast customer base. WordGig allows you the liberty to stay at home and to earn additional cash. You'll never have to contend with other freelance writers or present bids in an attempt to guarantee assignments.

Starting Out

First of all, you must be a citizen of the United States. It's easy to begin your start-up process as an independent contractor to begin writing for WordGig. Simply click the "Create a Free Account" button at the top left side of the home page. You'll need to provide your full name, email address and phone number. It's necessary to submit an active PayPal account for payment purposes.

Once your personal information has been submitted, begin the straightforward quiz to confirm your primary knowledge of English grammar and spelling. You'll receive a pass or fail notice immediately. If you fail, you will not be permitted to retake the exam. You're required to participate in a mandatory training process that involves video and written material reviews (without pay) before you can begin.


As a novice writer, you'll earn $0.75 USD per each 100 word "Blurp," which is an on-topic piece written from a personal point of view, not researched. You'll receive $2.00 USD for each completed mini-post consisting of 200 words, researched for up to 5 minutes. A researched article consisting of 350-400 words will pay 4.00 USD, used for website content. WordGig pays once a month for all approved writings through your PayPal account.


Although you are required to view three 20 minute training videos before you can begin your writing, you'll find this information most useful to thrive with WordGig. If you are an experienced writer, it'll be tedious; however, it's important to learn the expectations of the company.

As a novice writer (a first time writer for WordGig), you'll be assigned specific topics that you're required to write whether the topic is of interest to you or not. However, you can strive to reach the $300 mark. At which point, you'll have the ability to select your own articles.

Is It for You?

If you enjoy writing and want to earn extra cash at home, then WordGig can be perfect for you. The better your writing skills, the more money you can make. Writing for this company is a great place for writer newcomers or established writers.

You're considered a ghostwriter, which means you'll not bear any privileges to your writings. If you're looking to establish a name for yourself as a writer and build your portfolio, this isn't for you.

Noteworthy Information

WordGig doesn't accept any Hotmail or Yahoo email addresses. If you only have this type of email, you'll be required to obtain another email account such as AOL or G-mail.

If during your sign up process you find that you're unable to create an account, simply enter your email address to be notified when WordGig has enabled the sign up procedure again.

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