Winalite: A WAHM's Guide

Winalite offers opportunities to succeed for those with strong team management skills.

Winalite is a company that manufactures and sells unique healthcare products. The company also gives WAHMs the opportunity to start a rewarding career. The main product it sells is one that has gained world recognition. This product is known as the "Love Moon" anion sanitary napkin. The company has grown leaps and bounds over the past few years and is currently employing more than 400 well-qualified individuals. You could also become a part of this company if you join the team as a distributor.

Starting Out

To start working as a winalite distributor, you will have to complete the online registration form or call the number that's listed on the website. As a new applicant, you will have the opportunity to join as a bronze member, silver member, gold member or platinum member. Your main goal will be to sell products that are manufactured by Winalite, particularly the therapeutic Love Moon sanitary napkin. The product is easy to market because it falls under healthcare products and can be sold along with cosmetics or other health products at local malls and stores.


Winalite offers a unique compensation package. You will be rewarded with bonuses based on the membership you have. You could start out with a bronze membership that doesn't require you to purchase any products, but you will eventually have to upgrade to a higher member segment to earn more rewards. To increase your earnings, you will have to add new members to your team. You get a product introduction bonus of $10 for every purchase you make.

Your earnings are calculated on a weekly basis depending on the sales made by your team. There are a maximum of four payout legs every week, and you get 10 percent of the sales that are generated by each leg. To learn more about other incentives and bonuses you will receive, you must visit the Winalite health website and click on WinaliteUSACompPlan.pdf under the Winalite Opportunity tab.


To thrive as a Winalite distributor, you will have to build a team of efficient and hardworking members. You earn bonuses based on the total volume that's generated by them so make sure you choose the right people. To be entitled to receive bonuses, you should remain an active member on Winalite. Although you don't have to make any orders after the first two cycles, you're required to make orders from the third cycle onwards.

Is It for You?

If you love marketing health care products and interacting with women of all ages, this job may be right for you. You should be able to promote Love Moon sanitary napkins and teach women about their therapeutic benefits. You won't have to worry about after sales maintenance tasks because the product will be discarded once used.

Noteworthy Information

Winalite manufactures the Love Moon sanitary napkin that has received a national patent. This unique napkin has also received FDA approval and patents from several other continents. With its growing success, the company has been able to give back to society. The president of the company has donated products worth millions in an effort to help women and those suffering from poverty and illiteracy.

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