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Wildtree: Earn Money Hosting Cooking Events and Selling Organic Products

If you're a parent, you've probably been in this situation before: There's not enough time to devote an hour (or two) to preparing dinner. Sure, you can grab a box of Hamburger Helper or swing through the drive through and have dinner done in a matter of minutes--but that's not exactly healthy.

Wildtree offers organic grocery products that make it possible to make healthy meals fast--and the tools to learn just how to accomplish such a feat every day. Wildtree is a Direct Selling Association--which means they aren't just a great meal opportunity for busy moms, but a job opportunity as well.

There are two ways moms can work with Wildtree: selling the products, or hosting tasting parties.

Wildtree sales representatives can be involved as much or as little as they want. They can choose to put in a full time effort, or just a few hours. Representatives earn 25-32 percent back on their sales, and team leaders that recruit other representatives can earn as much as 40 percent.

WIldtree's products are all natural, organic cooking products that make it easy to speed up food prep with seasoning packets, mixes and basic staples. If you have a passion for organic food, you'll likely be able to use that passion if you choose to work with Wildtree.

Moms can also earn free Wildtree products by hosting tasting parties. You don't earn an income by opening up your home for a party, but you can earn free organic products for your own family. Hosts are assisted by sales representatives, so there isn't as much time or commitment involved in hosting a party.

WAHM readers have opened up to talk about their experience with Wildtree in our forums. User Lisabathome raved about their pancake mix that makes it easy to prepare a healthy breakfast quickly. She also added that they are certified gluten free, as well as being free of GMOs. Plus the freezer meals come to about $3 a meal, she added.

User Becky0404 is new to Wildtree, but said she's already had a great experience. "I absolutely think I made a great decision and now I finally understand why people say they are so excited about their company they can't sleep at night (I've never felt like that before!) "

The kit to get started as a Wildtree sales representative is $49.95--but many WAHM readers have found it a worthwhile investment. If you're thinking about joining, check out the Wildtree chat to ask others who have worked with Wildtree about their experience. For more details about joining, head to Wildtree's website.

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