Wildtree: A WAHM Business Guide

Wildtree offers food lovers the opportunity to share their passion with others in a constructive and financially intriguing way.

Wildtree is a featured WAHM business and direct-sales company whose products include an array of all natural dressings, sauces, gourmet culinary blends, infused oils, appetizers, entrees, desserts and snacks. All of the products featured contain no preservatives, additives, dyes, fillers, MSG or high fructose corn syrup from a peanut-free facility in the United States. The products are showcased by representatives at house parties where guests are offered a chance to buy products and/or engage in the business opportunity.

Starting Out

Independent representatives will show guests how to make everyday cooking more enjoyable with time saving techniques and healthy products. Those interested are encouraged to view a short web presentation and listen to the Opportunity Conference Call from the website.

Begin by downloading, completing and returning the Wildtree Representative Agreement from the website by faxing it to 615-884-3359. Set a date for a business launch party at the location of your choice. An email confirmation will arrive from Wildtree's home office with a representative ID number and password. Begin studying the information on the "Come In Reps" section of the website Resource Center. Print all of the forms that you will need to use.


Independent representatives may earn up to 40% on all retail sales. The host program is funded by the Wildtree company. The career plan includes unlimited earning potential and growth opportunity, dependent upon each person's particular time commitment and involvement. Commissions are earned both from personal and team sales. All products are discounted at 40%. Participants may also receive sales points to earn free business supplies.


Review and use the New Representative Business Kit which contains everything needed. Familiarize yourself with all of the Wildtree information. Become as aware as possible with all of the products and learn about the top sellers. Use the contact list form to approach everyone that you would like to invite to the Business Launch Party. Telephone and email your family, friends and business associates as you feel appropriate to invite them to the business launch. The sponsor and team leader will provide personalized support by answering questions and offering advice and encouragement. Participants are also encouraged to mentor each other and network to build their own business.

Use the Resource Center section as a guide to keep up on new products, promotions, recipes, product information and tips from sales directors and team leaders. Download sales handouts and brochures to duplicate, hand out and promote your business. Use the website to place orders.

Is It for You?

Anyone who is motivated and enjoys people can do well at this business. Those who are interested in eating healthy foods and learning about nutritious and creative ways to cook should find this to be a fun business to be involved in. Using social networking to advance business is an extra skill set that many people can adapt to easily.


Studies have shown a link between hyperactivity to dyes in foods, which could be used as a good selling point. The foods offered can be consumed by diabetics and can accommodate most any dietary concern.Wildtree is a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA) and adheres to their standards and ethics.

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