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Where to Look for an Online Teaching Job

The listing of websites below will help you find an online job in education. Whether it's through LinkedIn and Twitter or online school job boards, there is more than one way to find an education job that doesn't involve writing on a chalkboard.

Teaching online is one of the career avenues available to educators who would like to work from home. At first these jobs can be difficult to find. Outlined below, you will find resources to help you get started.

Websites that cater to online teaching:

1. Get Educated updates their “online education jobs” fairly regularly.

2. Higher Ed Jobs, like the title, usually only has higher education jobs.

3. The Chronicle for Higher Education can also be searched for online teaching, but most often has a smaller list.

4. You can search for adjunct positions at Online Adjunct Jobs.

5. It is a good idea to search jobs postings on websites for institutional that have online programs. You may even want to take a step further by contacting university departments to ask them if they are hiring for online positions.

Online Kindergarten through 12th grade schools:

1. K12 is the largest and most popular online school for the elementary through high school market. Get your application in fast because their jobs seem to fill quickly.

2. Connections Academy is the second largest online school.

3. Florida Virtual School is a well established school.

The three schools listed above are the top three online schools for the K through 12th grade market. However, there are many other smaller online charter schools and academies. Google keywords like “K-12 online teaching” to find these other schools. It is important to note that most of these schools require you to live in and to be certified in the same state you are seeking employment.

Use social media sites as search engines:

LinkedIn is a social media site for working professionals and can be used to find many online jobs. Click on “jobs." Then search “online teaching” or use similar search terms. If your search displays rather irrelevant positions, refine your search by adding terms like “remote,” “telecommute,” “work from home,” “home office,” or “home based.”

Other online teaching positions can be found by joining and review postings in LinkedIn groups.

To find online positions in LinkedIn groups consider joining the following.

1. The best group is Online Faculty- Adjunct, Full-Time, University Administrators, and Instructional Designers.

2. Online Teaching has varying positions.

3. Sometimes you can find postings on Job Openings, Job Leads, and Job Connections!

4. Sometimes Instructional Design and E-learning Professionals’ Group has postings.

3. Search for additional groups by going to the search menu. Scroll down to “groups.” In the search window, type “online teaching.” Then press enter. A list of relevant groups will appear.

You can search “online teaching” on Twitter. Make sure you click to display “all” Tweets. Scroll down to view the list of Tweets that contact job postings. Pinterest can be searched in the same manner. A search on Pinterest will lead to a huge list of websites that contain online education listings.

Find online teaching jobs using search engines:

Good search engines to use for finding online teaching positions are Indeed and Simply Hired. To find work from home positions on Indeed, make sure to add “remote” to the location in your search. Simply Hired does not allow you to search remote locations, so you will need to add “remote” or “telecommute” as a keyword in your job search.

Always make sure to check that an online teaching job you see is a remote position. Many institutions have online teaching positions that require on-campus offices. Once you know where to look and what to look for, you will find relevant jobs within your field that will enable you to work from home.

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