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When Stay-at-Home Jobs Don't Generate Enough Income


Stay at home jobs, or telecommuting work, is a more common way to earn income these days. While many make a regular income from freelance work, some struggle to work at home and make ends meet for various reasons. As with all work, the economy can affect your earnings periodically. In addition, those new to freelance work find getting used to irregular sources of income can be challenging. All is not lost when stay-at-home jobs don't generate enough income.

Consider the following tasks to generate more income:

Look for Multiple Streams of Income

Remember the old adage, "don't put all your eggs into one basket?" It definitely applies to freelance work. Lining up multiple streams of income in today's work at home job market ensures consistent work and earnings. It is easy to be complacent when busy with freelance work, however, it is important to spend time each day looking for additional opportunities to incorporate into your work schedule. A small job here or there enables you to gain more experience for your resume (and make new contacts for future work).

Re-evaluate Your Job Skills

An up-to-date resume puts you ahead of the game. Keep a recent copy available for immediate updates after each new hire. Evaluate your experience, and see if a second resume or profile would serve you well in finding occasional work in a new area. Recognizing a dormant skill opens up another stream of income. Any task in your work history is relevant to your earning potential.

Develop an Online Presence

Employers utilize today's technology to find new hires. Publish a profile or resume of your work experience online. Take advantage of free hosted sites and the hundreds of online job sites to get your information out there. Many have features to identify your preferences as a freelance worker. A number of job hire sites allow you to highlight your work at home office space and the tools available to you. This gives employers an idea of what services you are able provide. Compare other profiles to yours, and learn where to improve your home office and skills.

Network with Other Professionals

It is important to connect with other professionals. Word of mouth is still the most prevalent way to find work. Join local business organizations for face to face networking, and find other stay at home professionals online via various groups, forums, and social networking sites. It is a great way to gain experience from other freelance workers, and perhaps find work when you need it.

By incorporating time into each day by looking for new work, keeping your resume up-to-date, getting your name out there, and networking with other professionals, you may find that work comes looking for you!

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