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What to Look for in Grant Writing Classes


For those who are looking at boosting their fund raising skills with grant writing classes and workshops, there are a lot of options out there. Here are some desirable things to look for in evaluating your options for learning about how to get government or corporate grants.

Good Class Length

When considering grant writing courses, prospective students have to think about how these will fit into their schedules. For many, a short term, week long workshop or similar choice will work well. Others can choose longer courses with less intensive schedules that they can fit around their other obligations. Beware of a long course with a small syllabus that may indicate lots of class hours for very little content.

Low Cost

Grant writing classes shouldn't be exorbitantly expensive. After all, these kinds of resources are for the purposes of general instruction, not usually the kind of intensive consultation that would assist in specific grant acquisition. Look at the bottom line for what a student has to pay to benefit from grant writing workshops or similar events.


Grant writing classes that include specific materials such as textbooks will often be effective choices. You can learn a lot about a class by its required reading. Look for classes that show promise by selecting relevant and effective resources for reading along.


Students looking for the best grant writing classes should look at the collective experience that a workshop or class provider brings to the table. In addition to experience with offering instruction (for example, seeing how long a company has been offering grant writing instruction), potential students can look at the specific fund raising experience that speakers, instructors, or other involved parties are able to demonstrate.

Strategies and Protocols

Beyond all of this, students can also look at how a class addresses (or does not address) key aspects of grant writing that will get grants noticed. Classes should cover specific issues like target assessment, and how to package the message effectively. Other issues include various types of grant outreach, combining the art of writing a grant with effective interview strategies and other follow-up. Classes should be able to provide an overview to those who may sign up that shows how these elements will be addressed.

Another big resource that students can get from grant writing classes is a better idea of the protocols for a specific government office or private grant allocation system. This kind of education allows grant writers to get closer to the parties they are trying to reach.

All of the above should factor into how prospective students look at the options in front of them for grant writing classes that will help them develop the skills they need to present their projects, proposals and various programs. Grant writing classes are a double investment of both time and money. Checking them out before committing to one will generally help a professional save on getting a deeper understanding of how he or she will attract grant funding in the future of his or her career.

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