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What to Expect from a Website Design Service


Today, there are certain services that one expect from a website design service, but there was a time when web site design was a mystifying process, where both the product and its ultimate usefulness was something completely out of the hands of the average small business. With the advent of ready-made templates and one-stop web design and hosting choices, much of that has changed. But, there are still a few basics to keep in mind when looking for the web design option that fits your needs best.

Knowing What You Want

How important is the appearance of the site for your needs? Will you need to upload graphics? How often will they need to be changed? Are you going to be selling a service or a product on your site or is your site more information oriented. How much interaction do you want to have with those visiting your site? Answering a few of these simple questions before trying to choose a website design service will eliminate those designers that are not able to fulfill your needs or will charge large developmental fees to satisfy them.

All-in-One Web Solution

Unless you already have a domain name for your site and a place to host the site, it is to your advantage to look for an all-in-one web solution. Registering your domain name and hosting can still be a daunting task for the uninitiated. Many web design companies offer very basic hosting and nominal registration fees when you use them as your design solution.


If you have anything to sell (service or product) don't forget E-Commerce when making your decision. Even if you aren't ready to sell on-line now, it is best to plan for it ahead of time. There are a number of web design companies that offer relatively inexpensive store-fronts, handling virtually every aspect of doing business on the Internet. A number offer low cost or free Visa and Master Card processing.


Most Web Design options offer template based packages that lower your cost and enable you to have a site up and running within hours or days after signing up. Investigate the method the website design service uses for you to make changes to the site or to have them make changes for you. Saving a little money on the front end can end up costing a lot later one when you try to change anything major about the site.

Web design doesn't have to be the time and money consuming process it once was. Most small businesses can expect to spend under $100.00 per month for a fully functional, multi-page site that is not only eye appealing, but more than adequate to handle their business needs.

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