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What to Do to Combat Low Job Morale


When you work alone at home, you're it for job morale. You've got to think of ways ahead of time to keep going, and remain motivated in your work. The weather, a fight with your spouse, financial trials and business tribulations can happen any day, and sometimes all at once, which can cause low job morale. Here are some suggestions to combat it:

Transfer Money From Paypal to Your Bank Account

It may sound like a strange tip, but seeing the "fruits of your labors" will help you to combat low job morale. Transferring the money to your business bank account is a reminder that you had something of value to offer someone else. It's a reminder that someone yesterday, last week or last month (don't keep money in your paypal account that long) paid you for work, which means you're in business. Don't let the amount of money discourage you, but figure out what it took to land that client or customer, and do more of the same.

Have a Date with Your Spouse

On the day you experience low job morale, plan a date with your spouse for that afternoon or evening. If your spouse works from home, and if there aren't any pressing client matters to deal with, ask them to take a break and go on a date with you.  Ask your spouse to have a lunch date if they work outside the home and close by, or wait until they get home for an evening date. You don't have to spend money on a date, and you don't have to leave home if you have children to watch. Try these free ideas:

  • Have a picnic in your backyard or at a local park
  • Watch a movie or listen to a podcast together at home
  • Go for a drive

Your spouse is the best person to help you overcome low job morale, and you share your burdens with them on your date. You'll look forward to the date, which will cheer you up as you work.

Determine the Root Cause

You should know the root cause of low job morale, so that you can deal with it. There are temporary ways of combating it, but it will show up again if you don't deal with the underlying issues. For example, if you're doing work you never intended to do, work on finding new work as you finish old assignments, in the field that matches your interest. The hope of doing what you really want to do will help boost job morale. If the the root cause is not making a profit, then you need to write a marketing plan, and do further research on how to get more business.

Clean Your House

It's amazing what clutter and uncleanliness can do to job morale. You have to juggle a lot as a work-at-home mom, and sometimes dealing with clutter gets put on the back burner because of a more pressing need to help generate income for the household. If you suspect that disorganization is the root cause, then take a timeout for 1 hour and clean up. That one hour "lost" may turn in to 3 hours of high productivity later.

Knowing that all work-at-home moms feel low job morale at times, should be enough warning for you to expect it, and prepare to do something about it. These suggestions should help you combat low job morale when it comes knocking at your door.

Daphne Mallory, Esq. is the co-owner of Mallory Writing Services and has written more than 100 articles helping home based business owners and entrepreneurs start and market their business. You can learn more about her here.

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