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What Parts of Your Business Process Should You Outsource?


As a business owner, you may be able to outsource certain aspects of your business process to save money and maximize profits. Outsourcing services to other countries allows you to pay those employees less for doing the same job. For jobs like a personal assistant or web design, outsourcing won't necessarily mean a drop in quality, so it's a smart business practice to take advantage of outsourcing when you can.

Creating a Website

There are talented web designers all over the world, so you don't need to look within the United States to design a totally functional and attractive website. With hundreds of web designers working from countries like India and China for very little money, you can easily choose someone who suits your stylistic tastes. You will probably want to write web copy yourself or hire a native English speaker to write it for you ahead of time, so that the text can be integrated into the website by your designer.

To hire a freelance web designer inexpensively, try the well known outsourcing website GetAFreelancer. You might be able to have your entire website designed and ready for as little as $50, not including the domain registration.

Customer Support

If your business involves some kind of online customer support, it's easy to outsource the customer service department. Plenty of providers from India speak fluent English and know enough about American culture to sound natural in their online communications. They will also often be willing to work very inexpensively, either on an hourly or per-response basis. You might expect to pay $3-4 per hour, or less than $1 per response they give to a customer. Determine your average queries per day or per hour to decide which pay rate will work out better for your business.

Helping with Organization

Hiring a personal assistant can help you organize your work and take care of little tasks which you would rather not spend time doing. For businesses which are mostly run online, meaning that those little tasks may be performed on a computer, there's no reason not to hire an online personal assistant. Any job which can be done entirely through the Internet can be outsourced, so you can save a lot of money by hiring an offshore virtual assistant.

Data Entry and Processing

Simple jobs like data entry, accounting, keeping track of completed orders, etc. can be done through the Internet and so can be outsourced to less expensive countries. Large businesses have plenty to keep track of, so you'll need to hire somebody to take care of smaller jobs if you ever want to have time to actually run the business. If the work can be done online, you might as well outsource the job.

Before outsourcing jobs to other countries, make sure that the person is fluent in English and has a solid understanding of the job which needs to be accomplished. If you are confident in their ability to perform the task, go ahead and outsource your simple online jobs.

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