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What is a Google Rater? Here's How To Work From Home Evaluating Web Search Results

Type the first thing that comes to mind into the Google search box. What results show up? Out of the billions of websites out there, what determines the results that show up on the first page? A lot of those first page results depend on highly complex computer algorithms that takes years of study to fully understand. But the human element isn't left out entirely. Quality Raters or Ads Quality Raters look at the search results (some positions are more focused on the ads instead) and determine if that result is on track, spam, or irrelevant.

Quality Raters work from home and are contracted through one of a handful of smaller companies. The work involves using a computer program to receive and complete assignments, as well as following a set of guidelines as to how to rate each result. The position varies some, and many quality raters rank ads instead of search results.

Quality Raters: Who Qualifies?

Not just anybody can become a quality rater. To review for Google, raters are required to have a bachelor's degree or equivalent work experience. Why? The position requires college-level communication skills, as well as good analytical abilities. The good news is that they aren't looking for a specific degree, just that you have a four-year degree or similar experience.

If you speak a second language, you'll have more opportunities. Some positions only require English fluency, while others require fluency in a specific language. Since there's less competition in dual language positions, it's also a little easier to get hired there.

Most companies require passing an assessment before being hired. The test is based on the quality standards that the company expects raters to use in their assignments.

Quality Raters: What Platforms are available?

There is more than one company offering positions as a quality rater. Make sure to read the job listing closely, because different platforms will have different requirements, as well as different software programs to complete the work. Here are some companies that offer positions for quality raters:

ZeroChaos, Inc. is contracts directly for Google, and with the job listings right on the Google page, you can rest assured it's not a scam. Have a text-only or html version of your resume available to apply.

Appen has also been known to hire quality raters. The available job listings are update on their site regularly, here.

Leapforce also hires for similar positions. The requirements don't list a bachelor's degree, either. Apply on the Leapforce website.

Lionbridge is another option for quality raters. Unlike ZeroChaos, you don't have to be based in the U.S. Along with hiring quality raters, they also hire for home-base positions like social media assessors as well. Applications are available on the Lionbridge website.

Quality Raters: What are the benefits?

There are a lot of perks to working as a quality rater. The position is a work-from-home option, with flexible hours. Unlike many other home-based jobs, there's no sign-up fee to get started. You'll be responsible for your own computer, anti-virus software and internet connection, but otherwise there's no upfront investment.

Quality raters use a computer program to receive assignments and can set hours that work around their own schedule.

Since quality raters sign non-disclosure agreements, information about the pay rating is hard to come by, but sources like Glassdoor suggest a $14-$16 an hour pay range.

Quality Raters: What are the cons?

There are downsides to every job, and working as a quality rater is no exception. Most of these positions are listed as temporary--often working for a year before being laid off. Workers may or may not be called back after a few months. This is the case for ZeroChaos, which specifically lists the position as temporary, though other platforms don't specifically state this is the case.

Working as a quality rater involves a lot of sedentary time in front of the computer, so it's not ideal for those who prefer more active work, but can be a nice break from chasing after little ones for the right person. Typically, pay is made monthly, though that depends some, again, on the platform.

Working as a quality rater can be a desirable, work-from-home position with flexible hours. Curious to learn more? Check out the WAHM forum on Google raters.

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