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What Happens to Victims of Online Job Scams

The search for an online job has led many a potential work at home mom into arm's reach of a work at home scam.

The virtual job hunt can be overwhelming. You don't know where to start, but those large blinking banners promising you $500 or more a

day doing practically nothing are very tempting. Especially for a mother desperate to provide for her children, while spending more time with

them. Some of us take the bait, not knowing the number one rule to finding legitimate work at home jobs is to never pay anyone to

work for them. Some of us are lucky enough to escape the grips of these employment scams, but usually not without getting a taste of the

possible dangers. Still, there are some who truly got the short end of the stick in their search for an online job.

Read on to gain some insight about what happens to victims of these online job scams.


The Online Job Seeker's Dream Come True

 Work at home Scammers know what you want in an online job, and they feed off of that now more than ever.

With the economy having taken a plunge, more moms are picking up second jobs to supplement their income and stay at home

mothers are doing the same to help out their hardworking or laid off hubbys. When you are in need of cash now, stuffing envelopes

from home and making a ton of money for the little effort required sounds like a dream come true. It would be if it were the truth.

However, the victims of this old time work at home scam find themselves turned into the scammers when they learn that the

only envelopes they will be stuffing are ones containing the same information they replied to and received! 

Other work at home scams involving stuffing envelopes from home confuse the job seeker. You think you are going to

simply stuff some envelopes and get paid for it. In actuality, you are only paid when someone buys the product or service advertised on the

flier you sent out! When you give in to your want for an online job too easily, you make yourself a perfect target for these work at home



The Online Job Turned Nightmare

 If you've lost anything from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars it can be disheartening. However, some online job seekers lost more than

money. The dream online job turned into a nightmare for the victims who lost their identities after having provided what they thought

were legit employers with their personal information. Some who were caught up in the work at home scam known

as the payment transfer scam even faced jail time for depositing fraudulent checks!


 There are many legitimate work at home jobs, but many scam victims never find that out after being burned by a bad online job.

They miss out on the opportunity they were looking for. The opportunities that allow you to be home, spend time with family and make

money -  they're out there; you just have to know where to look and where not to look.

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