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What a Divorce Lawyer Can Do for You


In most cases, a family will be confronted with difficult times when an impending divorce proceeding is approaching. A divorce lawyer plays a significant part in this process, helping individuals explore the best options and arrive at a favorable conclusion that is in the best interest of you and your family.

Undergoing a divorce is complex and difficult due to periods of high stress and emotion. Because of these distressing emotions, it is advisable to seek help when making life changing decisions. An experience divorce lawyer should be able to help you negotiate this stage of your life more easily.

An experienced divorce lawyer can help you see the larger picture and understand the impact the divorce will have on you and your family. A lawyer will provide you with expert advice so that you can make informed decisions. Remember, divorce laws are complex and will vary from state to state.

Your Divorce Lawyer can do the Following

  • Help you understand each step of the divorce proceedings. Experienced divorce lawyers have the right knowledge to conduct your case properly. They will know what precedents are relevant to your case legal.

  • Give you a realistic assessment of the case, before, during and after the divorce.

  • Answer your questions relating to the divorce proceedings.

  • Advise you on what actions to take and what the divorce law mean for your particular case.

  • Advise you to consider counseling to help you get through the process.

  • Ensure that divorce forms are properly filled out, in order to have a speedy and legal divorce (without errors delaying or messing up your case).

  • Present dispute resolution options; e.g. mediation or arbitration.

  • Assist in case of mediation to ensure a fair solution is agreed upon by both parties.

  • Help to protect your best interests with respect to your marital properties, spousal alimony, and safeguard your assets during the proceedings (which includes maintenance and equitable distribution of earnings).

  • Discuss how to secure your assets, protect  credit and minimize joint obligations that arise during the divorce proceedings.

  • Negotiate and settle issues relating to child custody, child visitation rights, and other reliefs granted by law.

  • Prepare orders for temporary visitation and custody arrangements with respect to your child.

  • Recommend particular professionals for determining child custody, property appraisals or business valuations.

  • Accompany you to court-appointed conferences, hearings and deposition taking.

  • In case of trial, your divorce lawyer will present possible scenarios that may arise in the court.

  • Advise you on proper court decorum (e.g. dressing properly, being on time and what you will expect during a cross examination.)

  • Keep copies of all the documents filed in court on your behalf.

  • Inform you of new developments regarding the case.

  • Ensure that no undue delays or problems can complicate the divorce proceedings.

  • Help you avoid undue legal actions or legal problems, by making sure that there are no unresolved legal issues.

A divorce proceeding requires your dedication to the process and full cooperation with your divorce lawyer. It is important to have realistic expectation as you proceed. It is equally important to trust and feel comfortable with the divorce lawyer you chose.

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