West at Home: A WAHM's Guide

West at Home offers work-at-homers an opportunity to provide customer support to various clients from the comfort of their home.

West at Home is a service offered by the West Corporation, a leader in outsourced communication solutions. They employ over 1000 home-based agents to provide customer support to companies across the nation. As a West at Home agent, you will field a variety of inbound phone calls from your various clients. You will be expected to enter and verify customer information, field customer questions, resolve issues and offer additional products and services. West at Home allows you to work on your own time and create a schedule that works with your lifestyle.


If you're interested in becoming an agent with West at Home, you need to fill out an application on their secure website. This process usually takes around 45 minutes. After you have completed your application, you will take a job fit assessment and select your job preferences. This helps the corporation identify the kind of work that would be most appropriate for your personality and skill set. Next, you'll be required to take a behavioral assessment which will determine your attitude towards customer service and sales. If you pass the behavioral assessment, you'll be ask to complete a few additional screenings on financial concepts. Once you've completed all of your screenings, you'll receive your job offer. You will be given the opportunity to review your offer. After you've approved it, you'll be ready to start training. West at Home provides full training for its home-based agents. You'll also have a contact known as a Performance Assessment Liaison, who will guide you through the training process and offer support throughout your career at West.


How much money you earn depends on how much you work. Some agents get paid per minute. You can earn between $0.17 to $0.30 per minute depending on the line and your experience. There are a few lines that offer an hourly rate. A full-time contractor can expect to earn between $200 - $500 per week. West pays agents biweekly through check, direct deposit or paycard.


The amount of money you make from West often depends on the number of calls you take. If you work for a line that experiences low call volume at certain times of the day or of the year, you may not make as much money as you'd like. In fact, West recommends that you don't rely on the job as your sole source of income until you've worked there for several months.

Is It for You?

Working at West is a great opportunity. However, it's not appropriate for all WAHMs. If you like speaking on the phone, have an interest in sales and like working with minimal supervision, you may do well at West. If you thrive in a bustling work environment and love face-time with your customers, West is not the right opportunity for you. West expects their employees to be professional and give their customers their undivided attention. Therefore, it may not be the best thing for WAHMs who have very small children.

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