Weekly Wrap-Up - 10/3/14

This week we discuss the top 100 companies to work for in 2014, the pros and cons of being a stay at home parent, our feature interview with Money Saving Mom, Crystal Paine, and more...

Being a Stay-at-Home Parent Is a Luxury … for Your Spouse

A blogger shares her feelings about an article that covers this very topic. The full time working parent is living in luxury because they don’t have to do the chores, can relax on the weekends and go back to work on Monday recharged because their spouse stays home to take care of it all!

WAHM Interview: Meet Crystal Paine, a Mom That Combined Writing and Frugality into a Successful Business Venture

Crystal Paine combined making (and saving) money and staying home with her family and turned it into a way to help other moms too with her successful financial blog MoneySavingMom.com. Find out in our Q & A how she got started and what advice she would give to aspiring WAHMs.

2014 Working Mother 100 Best Companies

This year’s Working Mother’s 100 Best Companies list support them with child care support, fully paid leave, flexible schedules, advancement programs, and telecommuting. Did your company make the list?

10 Reasons Toddlers Suck

This first time, 40-something, Chicago mom started her blog to help her cope with her postpartum depression after the birth of her son but now uses it to relieve the everyday stresses of his toddler tantrums. In this entry she literally just talks about the 10 reasons toddlers suck. Not all the time. Just sometimes.

It's Pretty Much True: More Parenting Equals Less Sex

Ladies, unfortunately, if you want your men to help with the kids, you’re going to get less sex. Recent work suggests that the blood flow can’t go to the brain and the crotch. So you’ll have to pick which is more important. But really, the scientific method used wasn’t really accurate in our opinion. Read the article to find out.

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