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Website Promotion Strategies for the New Entrepreneur


The Internet, and website promotion, is a very popular and productive way for small businesses of all sizes to promote their goods and services. There are many cost effective online strategies that do not require a huge investment. It is important for businesses to note that it is not sufficient to put up a website without marketing it.  Those who do this will be disappointed and led to believe that online strategies do not work.

Generally, cost effective web promotion strategies include the following: blog marketing, search engine optimization, article marketing, pay-per-click advertising, link building and establishing a social networking presence.

Blog Marketing

Placing comments on other people's theme related blogs is an effective strategy for building traffic to your site and increasing your site's page rank.  When you leave a comment, be sure to include a link in the post or in your profile (if you are required to register to make comments). This will provide "link juice" juice to your site (i.e. to increase your site's ranking in the search engines) and provide a means for visitors to check out your site. If you write thought provoking comments, other readers of the blog will want to find out more about you. The opposite will happen if you leave a spammy comment with the sole purpose of leaving a link.

You should spend your time leaving comments on blogs that are well known and have high page rankings.  There are plenty of free tool bars that you can download, which provide the page ranking of the site you are visiting. Do not waste your time leaving comments on sites that receive very little traffic; your blog or website will not benefit much from a link left there.

A well written blog for your business will also draw visitors who are seeking the content that you create. The secret to powerful blog marketing is writing about the needs and interests of the people who want your product or service.

Pay Per Click Advertising

If you have the budget for your promotional campaigns, you can invest in pay per click advertising. This is an approach in Internet advertising, where you will pay the search engine each time a visitor clicks on your site's advertisement link.

You can assign a daily budget for your advertising cost and when this limit is reached, your advertisement will no longer be displayed when relevant searches made by potential visitors. There are many aspects to running an effective pay per click campaign, which include using effective keywords (and negative keywords as well), getting effective click through rates, and having a landing page or website that converts your visitors into prospects and customers. This is the often overlooked part of a PPC campaign; after all, it does little good to pay for visitors to come to your site if they just as easily click away when they get there.

Article Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

Writing articles relevant to your business is helpful in promoting your business. Article directories allow authors to provide links back to their websites; this works similarly to leaving blog comments. It is very important that articles are written with relevant keywords; this will help your articles to be found when people are searching the Internet. However, the use of keywords should not be abused and your articles should have substantial content that will result to making the reader want more information. The objective is to somehow provide a teaser and lead readers to go to your site for more information. When the site is well-designed and offers quality product and service, the probability of converting the lead to a sale will be high.

Article marketing has a similar result as a press release, but it is indirect. It serves to emphasize the need for the product or your service; in both article marketing and press releases, the author needs to emphasize information to be viewed as an authority in the topic.  Obvious efforts to make a sale will be viewed less favorably.

Social Marketing Presence with Link Building

Establishing a presence in social networks such as Facebook, MySpace, Friendster, Twitter and even the number one video sharing site, YouTube, will help to promote your business. Promoting your business through your contacts will contribute to your word of mouth marketing and can help in generating traffic to your site. Participation in social forums related and relevant to your niche will also be helpful. You can use link building strategies to direct people who are interested to your site. Include your site's URL in your signature or in your profile so that people who may be curious about your business can click and be led to your site.

These are the basic ways to promote your website. If you feel that you are not computer or Internet savvy, professional services are affordable to help you get started.

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