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Website Content Generation: In-House or Outsourced?


When it comes to web content, it's very important to choose content generation wisely. Depending on the nature of your business, the staff at hand may not always be the best choice for content generation, making in-house production nearly impossible or at the very least harder than it needs to be. Outsourcing content generation needs to be done with care though, or else the content could end up in shambles. A very important rule to remember in content generation is, "You get what you pay for."


In-House Production


If there are no experienced SEO (search engine optimization) writers on staff, the in-house production of content can become troublesome. Content generation is not something to be thrown in anyone's hands, as there is a certain way things should be written to ensure it not only gets the message across, but does so in a clear and concise manner (factoring in keywords to appease both the search engines and the readers). Keywords need to be considered so the content can help the site to rank and be easily found by readers. The content should be easy to read and understand to keep the readers coming back (or to help them turn into paying customers).


If a mass amount of web content needs to be generated, hiring a few SEO writing experts to have on staff will certainly be easier than continuously outsourcing the work, unless a reliable company (or freelancer) is used and can accept the workload as needed.


In-house production is great for content that requires company insight or knowledge, or if you or your staff is particularly knowledgeable about a topic or niche that a general writer without experience might not necessarily be able to acquire.




Outsourcing content generation is a double edged sword. On one hand, it may save the business money. It also may land in the hands of some non-native English speaking writers, potentially leading to disaster when it comes to the readability factor. If the business can guarantee their outsourcing efforts will be placed in the hands of a writer with a good grasp of native English diction and who has proven experience with SEO copywriting, this is likely the best solution for the company.


There are many Internet marketing companies and web content generation companies online with highly reputable teams of writers able to produce website content within a reasonable time period for a reasonable fee. Freelance bidding sites are ridden with people who will write anything to get a dime, though not all of them are low quality.


Regardless of which option for content generation you choose, it is important to remember quality content is necessary for the website. First impressions are everything, and representatives from the company may not be able to speak to prospective customers if they cannot peak their interest beyond the homepage of the website.

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