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Want to Be a Freelance Writer? 5 Topics to Write About


You won't lack opportunities to learn new things if you want to be a freelance writer.  There are so many topics to research and write about, which can make your writing career fun and adventurous. Here are 5 topics that you could be writing on today:

1. Travel

If you love to travel and want to be a freelance writer, you can't go wrong writing about travel. You can find many blogs, and online and offline publications that pay writers handsomely for their knowledge and expertise in all things related to travel. You're not just limited to writing travel articles either. You can write travel guide books for certain destinations, or how-to ebooks.

2. DIY Articles

There are a range of do-it-yourself ("diy") articles that you can write about on the Internet, and offline. Popular diy articles include home improvement, gardening, home remedies and car repairs. These can get detailed, and often require experience with the topic you're writing about. If you love teaching and want to be a freelance writer, you might consider this as your area of focus. You can teach others to do things themselves step-by-step through writing.

3. Small Businesses and Entrepreneurship

Many people are planning for and starting small businesses every day. They often don't know where to start, and turn to the Internet for help. As a result, a topic that always needs writers is small business and entrepreneurship. Even if you don't have the experience of running your own business, you can write about the failures and successes of others who have started a business. You can also research problems and solutions to write about that would be helpful to the business community. If you do have experience, then you will be more marketable to employers and publications that are looking for freelancers in this area.

4. Law

More and more individuals and business owners are researching ways to solve their legal problems on their own. They can't afford to pay high attorney fees, and turn to the Internet for free legal help. There are many websites and newsletters designed to give free legal information to the public, such as You can put your legal or researching skills to use in this area by finding blogging jobs in the legal industry, or writing articles for attorneys and legal websites.

5. Medical

Just as with the need to find free legal help, many are turning to the Internet for medical information. Some people can't afford to pay for health insurance or the co-pays required to see a physician. Instead, they surf the web looking for information based on their symptoms to try to figure out the proper treatment. Some illnesses don't require a hospital visit, and can be explained simply in an article. If you have medical knowledge, or the ability to research and understand certain medical topics, you'll do well in this area of writing. There is a demand for medical writing, and it's not as competitive as other freelance topics because it can be very technical.

Although the topics seem endless when it comes to freelance writing, these 5 topics have advertising and other revenue dollars to pay writers. If you're just starting out, you may want to look for freelance jobs that cover one or more of these topics before you explore others.


Daphne Mallory, Esq. is the co-owner of Mallory Writing Services and has written more than 100 articles helping home based business owners and entrepreneurs start and market their business. You can learn more about her here.

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