Votre Vu: A WAHM Business Guide


Votre Vu is a French-based company that sells its exclusive line of hair care, beauty and skincare products through direct sales. According to the company's website, the skincare artisans behind Votre Vu have been crafting their products for 80 years; but, in 2007 they joined forces with two American entrepreneurs to sell the company's products stateside. The company prides itself on spa-quality products crafted in small batches for higher quality. Celebrities like Tori Spelling, Lisa Rinna, Lea Thompson, Marisa Tomei and Taryn Manning are all fans of Votre Vu. As a Votre Vu consultant, you are responsible for selling the company's makeup and skin care products, through individual sales or soirees in your home or the home of one of your hostesses.

Starting Out as a Votre Vu Consultant

To begin working as a Votre Vu consultant, you should apply online through the company's website. You do not need to know another consultant to get started. You will have the option of purchasing two starter kits: the standard startMEup pak costs $199 and comes with $400 worth of products and supplies, and the premium startMEup pak costs $399 and comes with $1000 worth of products and business supplies. The company provides you with an e-commerce website as well as training and support.

Compensation as a Votre Vu Consultant

Votre Vu's website contains very transparent information about its compensation plan; you can download the company's compensation structure in PDF format before signing on. You earn a 30% commission on your personal sales as well as sizeable commissions on team sales. The company offers several bonus programs, such as the Team Cycle Bonus or the Matching Cycle Bonus, as well as the Lifestyle Bonus--all of which carry several thousands of dollars in bonus cash. The company offers a generous discount program as well as an incentive plan that includes luxury vacations to destinations around the world.

Thriving as a Votre vu Consultant

In its downloadable compensation plan packet, the company spells out very clearly how you can achieve success as a Votre Vu Consultant. Their formula is simple: use the products yourself and maintain active status, share the products with others, and find two others to do the same. The idea is to grow a team so you can achieve a downline and earn commissions from your team's sales as well as your own personal commissions.

Is It for You?

To enjoy selling for Votre Vu, as opposed to other direct sale cosmetic and skincare lines, you must love the company's dedication to spa-quality products. You should feel excited about helping women to look and feel their best. You should enjoy hosting soirees or having other people host on your behalf. And, since the cornerstone of your company is sales, you must feel comfortable with selling products and recruiting others to sell for the company as well.

Noteworthy Information

Votre Vu's SnapDragon, a beauty beverage, was listed as a Must-Have Product for Redbooks' Annual MVP Awards (2010) and the company caused a "bleep" on the Beauty Radar Screen in WWD. In Touch magazine voted Votre Vu's Duette the Hottest Product in March 2010.

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