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Virtual Assistant Training Strategies


Those who are thinking of becoming a virtual assistant today may feel as though they are in need of some virtual assistant training before doing so. There are no official certifications, regulations or training required to become a virtual assistant. Of course, it is important to stay up-to-date on all of the latest laws, software and trends that affect your industry. 

Be Proficient in Your Industry

You will need to make sure that you are proficient in every way that relates to your industry so you can offer your boss and clients satisfaction. Sometimes this will require that you take some classes along the way to obtain vital information and skills.


Several virtual assistant training and certification programs do exist today. These programs will help you to get a step ahead of everyone else.  Of course, they will require some money, and they can be taken either online or at your local community college.


Another option is to work as an apprentice for another virtual assistant who has some skills that you wish to acquire. You can also subcontract with these virtual assistants in order to be able to offer more services to your client. Working in this manner is a bit more complicated then simply working alone.  Nevertheless, this can also open opportunities up for you that may not have otherwise existed.

VANA - The Virtual Assistant Networking Association

This is a free website ( that has a ton of useful information on it for anyone who would like to become a virtual assistant. There are also a lot of friendly, supportive people here who are willing to answer your questions. You will find a lot of different topics covered on the forum, including grants for virtual assistants, legal support, logo design, tax help and tips and tricks about a variety of software packages.  A directory of virtual assistants is also kept here, and this will help you spread the word out about your new business.

Whenever you are in search of free training seminars from key speakers who are veterans in their field, this is also the place that you will want to come. This is great because there is no better way to learn than from those who have already become a successful virtual assistant. 

VANA also posts virtual assistant jobs that are available so that you can find potential clients. All of these things combined together make VANA one of the top resources for virtual assistants of all levels.  This website will help you to be truly prepared for a career as a virtual assistant.

While training to become a virtual assistant is not required, getting educated in areas that you are unfamiliar with can be beneficial.

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