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Velocity International: A WAHM Business Guide

Velocity International is a well-established company that has steadily grown over the years with the help of her parent company, Healing America, which has been specializing direct selling with nutritional products over the years. This company provides great opportunities for those who want to venture into international marketing. It is owned and operated by individuals who strive for excellent customer service, through a Turbo-charged training contrived to amplify more opportunities and success. With Maximum Velocity as its primary product, the company has made international advancements penetrating Asia, Europe and Russia. The company also has developed and launched another liquid supplement into the Super Fruit Market, the Patagonian Maqui Juice.

Starting Out as a Velocity International at Home Consultant 

You can be a Velocity International at Home Consultant by simply purchasing a Velocity International Business Kit for only $39.  It includes a limited edition Velocity computer bag, an online Personal Virtual Office and a Success Manual, along with other items with the Velocity logo. Your initial product purchase will automatically activate your membership. You can begin to accumulate bonuses from your own sales and from your referral's accomplishments.

Compensation as a Velocity International at Home Consultant

Seasoned professionals are allowed to have mega-earnings even further doubled and tripled through teams. Part-time earners are promised with good income potentials depending upon daily performances. The Turbo Bonus will help you start your own business plus several recognitions are up for grabs when you enroll and refer new team members and customers. There are also additional rewards given to those who reach the Presidential level and beyond. 

Thriving as a Velocity international at Home Consultant

If you want to be a distributor, you can get the Business Success Kit for around $39, avail of their Maqui Juice for $140--a total of around $179 plus shipping fee--and you will already get the privilege to earn Binary Commissions and Turbo Bonuses. Buy 12 cases of the Maqui Juice for only $995, thereby saving around $35 to $40 per case, and you will already be on the Executive Level.  All in all, you will pay $1034 including shipping to collect Turbo Bonuses, Matching Bonuses, Binary Commissions and other leadership bonuses. This is a favorable value offered especially for retailers who wish to maximize their business's growth in just a short period of time.

Is It for You?

If you want an effective way of putting money into your pocket in an instant, then start as a Velocity International At Home Consultant and you will certainly have huge earnings through creating a retail base.  Being a member provides you the opportunity to buy each product at a wholesale price and then retail it for a good profit.  Make sure to exert extra efforts by assisting Tasting Parties and teaching individuals on how to build their own businesses.  If you have the following skills, then Velocity International fits you.  Begin through drafting plans on how to get started and get going.

Noteworthy Information

Velocity International have chosen a single yet meaningful mission and passion which is to encourage millions of interested individuals, and hand them over their hopes, dreams and futures. Velocity International welcomes all those who take their first steps to financial independence.

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