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Using Video Sources to Increase Your Website Traffic


So you want to increase website traffic for your site? You can use video marketing to boost your traffic. So how does this work? This short guide will lead you through the basics of how to use video marketing to increase website traffic.

Why Use Video Marketing?

Video gets peoples' attention. They will pay more attention to what you are saying if you say it with video and audio. Video also helps you control how long visitors stay on your website.

People read at different speeds, and text based marketing makes it unclear how much time customers spend on your site exposed to and thinking about your product and services. With video, you control how long the information is and how fast it gets to your customer. The more time they spend on your site, the more time they will have to consider your product.

How Does it Work?

There are several methods of video marketing that can increase traffic to your website.

Interactive Video Representatives

Imagine if you will: a customer has a question about a product or service and clicks on help. They find a question in your FAQ that they're looking for. They click the link and a real person appears on their screen and explains the answer to them. That's how this sort of interaction works.

So how does this help increase your website traffic? Having videos of real people delivering new information to your customers on a regular basis will have them returning to your site for the latest news regarding products and services.

Video Downloads

Many people carry mp3 players or smart phones allowing them to watch videos everywhere. They download videos from the Internet and carry them around showing their friends, who then show their friends and so on.

This kind of advertising is known as viral and helps increase website traffic. This is how it works. Provide downloadable podcasts with entertaining information for your customers. When they download the videos, they share the information with their friends who will direct them to your website (or you can provide information in the video for where to find the website).

Video Sharing Sites

The Internet was based on the concept of hyperlinks, which allow one to move from one website to another. Links from other websites are one way to increase website traffic. Video sharing sites like YouTube are extremely popular. Many people use them like search engines to find products and services they like. Create amusing and entertaining videos highlighting your products and services and post it on many video sharing sites. Provide links to your website to get more traffic to your website.

The benefit of video sharing advertising is that you have more control over reaching your target market than you would with television or radio advertising. With television and radio, you are never quite sure if your target is watching the ads, but with video sharing, only the customers actively searching for your product and service will be viewing the ads.

Video marketing is a powerful tool to increase website traffic. Use it to get word out about your business, and you will have more customers. More customers means more revenue in your pocket.

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